EISCT – Multiscan Pro


  1.  To estimate the body composition (Fat mass, Lean mass, Total Body Water, Extra and Intra Cellular water, Muscular mass, Body mass Index).
  2.  To analyze the basic rhythms of the NN or RR intervals on the basis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV feature), both in the domain and in the spectral analysis (in short time). It provides mathematical analysis of the input of the sinus node depolarization and estimates the autonomic nervous system activity (parasympathetic and adrenal medulla and post sympathetic adrenergic responses).
  3.  To analyze the pulse waveform, which is provided by the oximeter, based on photoelectric plethysmography (or Digital Pulse Analysis DPA feature) in short time. It provides mathematical analysis of the waveform output of the oximeter and estimates arterial stiffness and cardiac output.
  4.  To analyze Spo2 % (SPo2 feature) and HR (Heart Rate).
  5.  To analyze the electrical conductance of 11 pathways of the human body. It provides mathematical analysis of the galvanic skin response and estimates the sudomotor responses to the post sympathetic cholinergic system electrical stimulation.
  6.  To aid the health care professionals to review, analyze and evaluate the historical tests results.


  • Segmental Multi frequency Body composition 3D Analyzer
  • Body composition assessment (FM, FFM, TBW, ECW, ICW, BMI, Muscular Mass, Phase angle)
  • Galvanic Skin Response assessment
  • Body composition 3D modeling (fat mass color code)
  • Diet adviser
  • Vertebral 3D Modeling (neuromuscular disorders color code)
  • Extended assistance to the therapeutic decision for SPA / Fitness / Sport
  • Heart Rate Variability Indicators
  • Extended ANS assessment (Sympathetic / Parasympathetic System Activity)
  • Digital pulse wave analysis and hemodynamic indicators
  • Valsalva / Orthostatic / Deep breathing probe
  • Medical Screening Analyzer including Cardio scores / Physiological scores  / Lifestyle scores, Living tissue 3D modeling, Statistical Disease Screening markers

Measurement time: 2-6 minutes


  • USB connectable box
  • Digital USB connectable Pulse oximeter
  • Tetra polar stainless steel plates for the feet
  • Tetra polar stainless steel plates for the hands
  • 4 lead Multiscan cables for the hands
  • 4 lead Multiscan cables for the feet
  • 4 lead Multiscan cables for the head
  • Automatic blood pressure USB connectable (optionally)
  • USB cable
  • Multiscan PRO Software x 2 licenses
  • Transport bag
  • Stand with integrated hand/foot sensors*

* Parameters depend on the equipment configuration

General explanation

The Multiscan Pro system is a combination of different technologies with different applications and a signal analysis, in order to obtain a physical, detailed analysis of the body.
The measurement is done by means of 6 electrodes and a probe in which the following functions are incorporated; the pulse oximeter (SpO2) sensor, photo electric pltehysmograph sensor (PP sensor) and a heart rate variability sensor (HRV sensor).

Multiscan Pro system (IM / HRV / SpO2 / BIA): 4 systems in one.

The Multiscan Pro system is a computerized medical system that allows to create images, charts or customed graphical images of the patient. The Multiscan Pro provides valuable information about the organism, with indications of your functional health status. These indicators form a stable reference for monitoring and assessing the evolution of a particular therapy. The results and information provided are highly reliable.

The Multiscan Pro system includes the IM system, a tetra polar BIA, an ECG (heart rate variability) and pulse oximeter.

IM (interstitial measurement)

This is a unique and pioneering system based on a physiological-biochemical evaluation of the interstitial fluid and the cellular ATP production. It is the first system that succeeds on the basis of bioimpedance to make a technological analysis of the function of organs and systems in physiological and biochemical level. It is a unique system for a detailed assessment of the state of health and monitoring of therapeutic evolution.

The measurement is a continuous flow of 1.5 mV that only crosses the extracellular fluid (CC bioimpedance), validated by chemical formulas, conductivity, resistance and molecular weight. It calculates the concentration of molecules, and more importantly, the level of cellular metabolism and fabrics according to the blood supply and the production of ATP levels and the density of the tissues, and also shows different tissue processes.

HRV (Hart Rate Variability)

Based on the ECG it determines heart rate variability and the SNV regulation. (Sympathetic – Parasympathetic).

PTG (plethysmography-SpO2)

Thanks to pulse oximetry we obtain information about the cardiovascular status.

Assessment of the body composition by a tetrapolair system as an indicator of the health of the cell membranes.
The results are shown in representative colors, numerical values and graphics of all organs and systems.
Summaries are displayed for applications in the field of lifestyle and sports / exercise.

In short, a validated system for monitoring various forms of therapy.
Also clinical trials were carried out with antidepressants, antihypertensives, oral anticoagulants and the diagnosis of ADHD with children.
More information is to be found on IDM


Alexandre Garcia Dalbem, Alexandre Dalbem, Alexandre Dalben